Sven Happy Feet Two

The Mighty Sven (a.k.a Sven) is a character in Happy Feet Two. He is a puffin who was abducted by humans in the ship.

Movie AppearancesEdit

Happy Feet TwoEdit

Sven was in Adelie-Land, being a leader with showing his ability, his ability is flying. Later, Sven meets ErikBoadicia,and Atticus. Sven makes Erik interested to trying flying, rather than dancing or singing.

Not only that.Actually,Sven was laying.He has the normal ability,like another puffin.He can use his power to find Ramon a wife with "Sven Think".He later find the humans.Sven afraid with the humans return becuse he think that humans try to eat him.

Personality Edit

Sven is a good puffin. He thinks he is the leader of Adelie-Land. Sven also says "Papa Oom Mow Mow" in every situation.

Voice Cast Edit

Sven is voiced by Hank Azaria

Relatives Edit

Still unknown about Sven's family in Happy Feet Two. Although, he does mention a puffin called Lars Givbisterson and Lars's sister Gilda. There was a small hint that Sven liked Gilda:

"There's a guy named Lars Givbisterson. I used to dance with his sister Gilda and I *small nervous chuckle* well anyway" Then he talks about how he can dance for Mumble.

Trivia Edit

  • Sven is the puffin, but Mumble's son, Erik, mistakes him as a flying penguin. Penguins cannot fly.
  • Sven has a blonde hair, which acts as his disguise as a penguin.
  • Sven also has a song named Papa Oom Mow Mow.
  • He is only puffin in the movie.