Happy Feet Ramon

Ramon is the character in Happy Feet and Happy Feet Two. He is the adelie penguin who lives in Adelie-Land and the leader of The Amigos.

Movie Appearances Edit

Happy FeetEdit

Ramon with The Amigos meet the emperor penguin named Mumble. Also begin the big adventure with Amigo and Lovelace,for searching the aliens who takes the fish in Antarctica.

Happy Feet TwoEdit

In Happy Feet Two,Ramon return to Adelie-Land to back for Amigos.He also find a mate named Carmen because Sven Think.

Ramon leads the Adelies for helping Mumble and Erik freeing the Emperor-Land.And join stuck together with Carmen now.

Personality Edit

Ramon is leader of The Amigos.As a leader,he is very talkactive Adelie penguin and always wants to near with female penguin.

Voice Cast Edit

Ramon is voiced by Robin Williams, who also voiced Lovelace, the rockhopper penguin.

Relatives Edit

Ramon's family is unknown.But he seems live with The Amigos in Adelie - Land.The Amigos member are Nestor.Raul,Rinaldo,and Lombardo.

Trivia Edit

  • Ramon is the leader of The Amigos.
  • Ramon is the adelie penguin with the little brown hair on his head.
  • Ramon is the penguin who singing My Way .
  • He was the noisy penguin who also looks disturb Mumble when he sad because Gloria .
  • He was stopped by The Amigos if he do something can make ayone gets hurt by his think.
  • Still unknown about Ramon appearances in Happy Feet Three .
  • Still unknown about Ramon will really married with Carmen ,and has a chick.