Happy Feet Two Erik and Mumble

Mumble with his son, Erik

Mumble is the main character in Happy Feet and Happy Feet Two. He is the penguin who can't sing, but he can dance.

Movie Appearances Edit

Happy FeetEdit

Mumble was born in Emperor-Land. And after grown up, he meets his girlfriend, Gloria, Seymour, and the Amigo. After he's with the Amigos back to Emperor-Land, he was kicked off by Noah the Elder. But, Mumble was trying to find the aliens (humans) for the fish to Emperor-Land. He wants the Emperor Penguins to dance for Humans.

Happy Feet TwoEdit

Mumble has a tiny son named Erik. He has a big problem with him. And the problem is Erik doesn't want to dance because he afraid. And now he meets a puffin named Sven. This puffin makes Mumble look unhappy. Mumble also knows his son, Erik who can sing now. He also calls Bryan the elephant seal to help freeing Emperor-Land.

Personality Edit

Mumble is very nice and friendly. He also behaves like a heroic and bravest penguin.

Voice Cast Edit

Mumble was voiced by Elijah Wood in Happy Feet and Happy Feet Two.

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Trivia Edit

  • Mumble is the only penguin who can't sing.
  • Mumble is the penguin who still has a fluffy down.
  • Gloria is Mumble's mate.
  • He is the emperor penguin who transforms into a hero.
  • His other nickname is Mumble HappyFeet and Mr. Mumble (by Gloria).
  • Mumble has a son named Erik, the smallest chick in Emperor-Land with a sticky hair.
  • Still unknown about Mumble's appearances in Happy Feet Three (Possibly will be released)
  • Still unknown about Mumble's feathers will off from his body. However, several books depict Mumble in a normal adult emperor penguin plumage by the climax of the story. Rumorly, Mumble would have molted during the pursuit of the fishing fleet. However, late in the film's production, it was decided he should look diffrent from the other penguins throughout the entire film.