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Happy Feet Memphis and Norma Jean

Memphis is the main character in Happy Feet.He is husband of Norma Jean,and father of Mumble

Movie Appearances Edit

Happy Feet Edit

Memphis was singing to Norma Jean,to be his mate.And then he and Norma Jean,has a baby named Mumble .And after he leaves his son for join with another penguins,Memphis was sad with Mumble with his freakness.Noah the Elder was joined to make him leaving the land.

Memphis lost his heartsong too.Bu with Mumble's help,finally,he singing.

Happy Feet TwoEdit

Memphis appeared in Happy Feet Two.With Norma Jean talking with The Elders.They are appeared as cameo.

Personality Edit

Memphis has a good relationship with Mumble and Norma Jean.Also can be believe to himself.

Voice Cast Edit

Memphis is voiced by Hugh Jackman

Relatives Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Memphis heartsong is Heartbreak Hotel.
  • He singing in Happy Feet,singing Kiss(Norma Jean's heartsong)

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