Lovelace Happy Feet Two

Lovelace is the character in Happy Feet and Happy Feet Two.He is an rockhopper penguin who wears a rainbow sweaters in Happy Feet Two.

Movie Appearances Edit

Happy FeetEdit

Lovelace start appeared bob

Happy Feet.He lives at Adelie-Land as a guru.Then,Lovelace joined with Mumble,and say to him about The Story of Mumble HappyFeet.

Happy Feet TwoEdit

Lovelace back appeared at Happy Feet Two.He wears a rainbow sweaters in Adelie-Land,also has a relationship with The Mighty Sven.A penguin who can fly.He also appeared with Happy Feet Two soundtrack, Lovelace Preshow.

Lovelace also sing in Happy Feet Two.He singing The Mighty Sven.With Sven.He is been rescued by humans in the ship.Also has a same story with The Mighty Sven.

Personality Edit

Lovelace looks has a ordinary personality.And he also gets angry if someone insult him or his answers from the mystic beings.

Voice Cast Edit

Lovelace is voiced by Robin Wiliams,who also being voice of Ramon.

Relatives Edit

Unknown about Lovelace's family.They not appear in Happy Feet or Happy Feet Two

Trivia Edit

  • Lovelace is the only Rockhopper penguin who appeared in Happy Feet Two and Happy Feet.
  • Lovelace is the penguin who wearing rainbow sweater in his body at second movie.
  • Lovelacee were live in the Adelie-Land.