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Baby MumbleBill the KrillBo
BoadiciaBoss SkuaBrittany Murphy
Bryan the Beach MasterCarmenElijah Wood
ErikGloriaGloria and Mumble
Happy FeetHappy Feet(franchise)Happy Feet Three
Happy Feet TwoHappy Feet WikiList of Happy Feet voice cast
List of Species in Happy Feet movie seriesList of charactersLovelace
Miss ViolaMrs. AstrakhanMrs Viola
MumbleMumble and GloriaNoah The Elder
Norma JeanRamonRobin Williams
SeymourSteve IrwinThe Amigos
The Mighty SvenWill the Krill
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File:Happy Feet Ramon.jpgFile:Happy Feet Seymour.jpgFile:Happy Feet Two 1.jpg
File:Happy Feet Two Erik and Mumble.jpgFile:Happy Feet Two Gloria.jpgFile:Happy Feet Two Ramon.jpg
File:Happy Feet Two logo.jpgFile:Happy Feet Two poster.jpgFile:Happy Feet Two the video game.jpg
File:Happy Feet Two the video game poster.jpgFile:Happy feet two poster.jpgFile:Images5LWY46RE.jpg
File:Lovelace Happy Feet Two.jpgFile:Me as a ballerina.jpgFile:Memphis and Norma Jean in Happy Feet 2.jpg
File:Michelle.pngFile:Mumble and Gloria Happy Feet 2.jpgFile:Noah the Elder.jpg
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