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This is page about list of characters in all Happy Feet movies.


Characters Appeared in Happy Feet and Happy Feet 2 Edit


  • Mumble,the main  protagonist in Happy Feet and Happy Feet Two.He is the penguin who can't sing the single note.For more information,see Mumble.
  • Ramon,the leader of Amigos the deurtagonist,and appeared at Happy Feet and Happy Feet Two.For more information,see Ramon.
  • Gloria,the soft and known as best singer in Emperor-Land. Also has a mate named Mumble and a son named Erik. For more information,see Gloria.
  • Lovelace,the rockhopper penguin who lives in Adelie-Land.For more information,see Lovelace.
  • The Amigos,the group who lead by Ramon and also has an occupation like singing.For more information,see The Amigos.
  • Noah the Elder,the ageing patriach in Emperor-Land.And also the oldest one.For more information,see Noah The Elder and one of the semi- antagonists.
  • Seymour,the hip-hop-penguin in Emperor-Land,has a son named Atticus.For more information,see Seymour.
  • Erik,appeared in Happy Feet as cameo,and appeared as main character in Happy Feet Two.For more information,see Erik.
  • Mrs Viola,the teacher in Emperor-Land,who also teach the Emperor chicks to trying singing.For more information,see Mrs Viola.
  • Humans,who also being "aliens" by Mumble.
  • The Leopard seal is the secondary antagonist of the first movie.

Characters appeared in Happy FeetEdit

  • Memphis,father of Mumble and mate of Norma Jean.For more information,see Memphis.
  • Norma Jean,mother of Mumble and mate of Memphis.For more information,see Norma Jean.
  • Mrs Astrakhan,the Emperor Penguin who teaches Mumble to singing,but she failed.For more information,see Mrs Astrakhan.
  • Boss Skua,the skua only appeared and the main antagonist. in Happy Feet.For mor information,see Boss Skua

Characters appeared in Happy Feet TwoEdit

  • Boadicia,the sweetest and cutest chick in Emperor-Land,also daughter of Mrs Viola.For more information,see Boadicia/Bo.
  • Atticus,the taller and the bigger one chick in Emperor-Land,also son of Seymour.For more information,see Atticus.
  • The Mighty Sven,the puffin who has been abducted by "aliens".For more information,see The Mighty Sven.
  • Carmen,the adelies who gets a love interest named Ramon.For more information,see Carmen.
  • The Beach Master,the elephant seal in Happy Feet Two.For more information,see The Beach Master.
  • Yellowleg,the leader of the skuas and the secondary antagonist.For more information,see Alpha Skua.
  • The Doomberg is the main antagonist of the sequel.

Characters appeared in Happy Feet ThreeEdit

  • Unknown.

Character Images Edit

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