Mumble and Gloria Happy Feet 2

Gloria and Mumble

Gloria and Mumble is the two emperor penguins who has a closest relationship,always closing together,and the best of Emperor-Land,with their skills,dancing by Mumble,and singing by Gloria.

Mumble and Gloria now has a tiny son named Erik.They teach Erik to singing and dancing in the movie,partying together.Seen in Happy Feet Two,they also partying by singing "Happy Feet Two Opening Medley" in Emperor-Land,followed by Atticus and his dad, Seymour in there.

Gallery Edit

This is Mumble and Gloria's gallery

  • MumbleGo to Mumble
  • Mumble and ErikGo to Happy Feet Two
  • Mumble in Happy Feet posterGo to Happy Feet
  • Gloria and MumbleGo to Mumble
  • Mumble with his parent,Norma Jean and Memphis

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