Gloria Happy Feet


Gloria is the main character in Happy Feet and Happy Feet Two. She is known as the best singer in Emperor-Land. Also mate of Mumble, the emperor penguin who can dance.

Movie Appearances Edit

Happy FeetEdit

Gloria was born as a female, she is very nice for Mumble. When she's grown up to adult, she sees Mumble join her when swimming. She looks like she's been near with Mumble everyday. And finally she believes him.

Happy Feet TwoEdit

Now, Gloria is being a mommy for Erik (Mumble's son). She was stuck in Emperor-Land with Seymour and all the other Emperor Penguins due to an earthquake. Her husband, Mumble, was trying to save her from some weird shakes. In some moments, she meets new friends like Sven the Puffin.

Personality Edit



Gloria is very soft, nice, and friendly. And she gets angry if her heartsong is being insulted by everyone, like Mumble, who insulted her heartsong first. Make an insult and she gets angry (the angry face also being she gets angry first).

Voice Cast Edit

Gloria is voiced by Brittany Murphy in Happy Feet and P!nk in Happy Feet Two. She is voiced by P!nk right after Brittany Murphy had passed away. She was deeply missed by all #1 fans.

Relatives Edit

Songs she sings Edit

  • Somebody to Love
  • Boogie Wonderland
  • The Happy Feet Two Opening Medley
  • Bridge of Light
  • Under Pressure

Trivia Edit

  • Gloria is the best singer in Emperor-Land.
  • Gloria has a husband named Mumble and a son named Erik.
  • The soundtrack from Happy Feet and Happy Feet 2 almost is from Gloria, like Somebody to Love, Bridge of Light and Under Pressure.
  • She is the one who join to singing Happy Feet Two Opening Medley.
  • Boogie Wonderland is Gloria's first heartsong.
  • Under Pressure is Gloria's last song.
  • Still unknown about Gloria's appearances in Happy Feet Three.
  • Still unknown about Gloria's heartsong in Happy Feet Three.