Happy Feet 2

Erik is the character in Happy Feet Two.He was Mumble and Gloria's son.Erik too is the penguin who is reluctant to dancing and singing.

Movie Appearances Edit

Happy Feet Edit

Actually,Erik appeared in Happy Feet,in ending.

Happy Feet TwoEdit

Erik,Mumble and Gloria's son,was reluctant to trying dancing.He was escaped from Emperor-Land,with Atticus and Boadicia.He also meet The Mighty Sven,an atlantic puffin.Erik was interested by him because his ability to fly.After he and his father,Mumble,leaving the Adelie-Land.Erik return to Emperor-Land,stuck with his father,and his two best friends.

Personality Edit

Erik is known about reluctant to dancing.And he can learn something from his father, Elephant Seal and more.He learns "guts-and-gift" from them.

Voice Cast Edit

Erik is voiced by Ava Acres in Happy Feet Two

Relatives Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Erik is the son of Mumble and Gloria .
  • He is the penguin who can singing and dancing
  • He also the smallest chicks in Emperor-Land.
  • Erik has two friends named Bo and Atticus.
  • He also said about The Mighty Sven is the penguin who can fly.
  • He is in love with Boadicea

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