Bryan the Beach Master is the character from Happy Feet Two. He is the elephant seal who met Mumble and helps him to free the penguin nation.

Movie Appearances Edit

Happy Feet TwoEdit

Bryan's first appearances when he come and surprised Mumble. He with his kids, Shane and Darren are trying to go back home. Bryan doesn't let Mumble,Erik,Bo,and Atticus to aside a little.Beacuse he never take orders from anyone.But when he driven by Mumble,he falls and make Mumble must save him.By antagonizing a leopard seal.And make him chase Mumble into Bryan's place.And Bryan was saved.

Later,Bryan called by Mumble to free the penguin nation from the big ice.Bryan say he can't help now.But he and all touched by Erik's song.They help Mumble,and the penguin nation free.

Personality Edit

Bryan dosen't want to take orders to anyone.He,is the beachmaster who never give demand too.

Voice Cast Edit

Bryan is voiced by Richard Carter.

Relatives Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Bryan is the beachmaster.He say he wants to protecting his beach.
  • Bryan had two kids named Shane and Darren.
  • Bryan is the elephant seal who has smilliar body with Barry the elephant seal who appears in Happy Feet.

Quotes Edit

  • "Come on nippers, let's gets youse home"
  • "No worrries,okay"
  • "Penguin,you still here?"