The Boss Skua AKA Yellowleg is the main antagonist of the first film. Boss Skua is the leader of the Skua birds and has a yellowtag on his leg from alien abduction. He has henchmen named: Dino, Vinnie, Frankie, Brokebeak, and Francesco. Boss Skua is played by Anthony La Paglia.

Role in the film_______________________________________________________________________

When Mumble was enjoying a nice dancing move, Yellowleg asked him what he was doing and his cronies came here and when they were about to eat Mumble, Mumble asked what was on the Skua boss's leg. Boss Skua told Mumble about alien abduction and said they are not like them, bigger. fiercer, and smarter. He knew about flabby penguins with no feathers and one of the humans stuck into him and then flat out, and that's he got that yellow tag on his leg and it was humilating. Mumble asked about to if he will appeal his better nature, Boss Skua said no and his henchmen stepped toward Mumble and Mumble fell down into the ice cave, and Boss Skua and his followers flew away to try looking their next meals. When Mumble tries to offer Gloria a fish one of Yellowleg's henchmen got the fish and Mumble struggled to get it back and he fell down to snowy ground. Boss Skua and his henchmen weren't seen again until the end, when the aliens arrived the Skuas and the leader fled from the aliens.


Boss Skua is a bossy short tempered leader when tell his henchmen to be quiet and always listen to him. Boss Skua has a smooth talking personality when he told Mumble his story about aliens.