Happy Feet 2

Atticus with Erik

Atticus is the character from Happy Feet Two.He was Seymour's son,also Boadicia and Erik's best friend.

Movie Appearances Edit

Happy Feet TwoEdit

Atticus with his father,singing 'Mama Said Knock You Out".And,after Erik gets embarrased by falling into ice,he joins Erik and Boadicia return to Adelie - Land.

Personality Edit

Atticus is like being DJ,like with his father,Seymour,seen at when he singing.

Voice Cast Edit

Atticus is voiced by Lil-P-Nut.

Relatives Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Atticus like his father,Seymour
  • Atticus like rapping with Boadicia,one of his friends.
  • Atticus is the taller chick,unlike with other chicks.
  • He go to the Adelie-Land following Ramon with Bo and Erik